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For 30 years Cedarworks lumber supplies has salvaged the fallen, giant cedars from the remnants of the “Big Scrub” which once covered the area and carefully milled them into premium slabs, boards and squares. The glorious timber is then air dried in 700 square metres of warehouse before becoming available to the customer. Other timbers available include NSW Rosewood, White Beech, Silver Ash, Silky Oak, Crows Ash and hardwoods like Spotted Gum and Forest Red Gums. Cedarworks has a full scale joinery for detailed matching and processing as well as making timber furniture. For specialty timber orders, large or small, Cedarworks can supply quality timber products to anywhere in Australia.

Cedarworks Australian Red Cedar Timber Supplies

Exotic Boutique Cabinet Timber Supplies

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We are specialist suppliers to the public and trade in boutique cabinet timbers for furniture and other woodworking projects. Available timbers include Australian red cedar, white beech, rosewood and other timbers displayed below.

Toona ciliata

Australian Red Cedar

Toona ciliata.

Flindersia australis

Crow’s Ash

Flindersia australis.

Eucalyptus tereticornis

Forest Red Gum

Eucalyptus tereticornis.

Dysoxylum fraserianum


Dysoxylum fraserianum.

Grevillea robusta

Silky Oak

Grevillea robusta.

Flindersia schottiana

Silver Ash

Flindersia schottiana.

Corymbia maculata

Spotted Gum

Corymbia maculata.

Gmelina leichhardtii

White Beech

Gmelina leichhardtii.

Timber Services We Offer


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What We Do

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Timber Milling Portamill Dyna Saw

Timber Milling

Salvaged logs are efficiently sawn into the most suitable sizes using a PORTAMILL DYNA SAW, 2mm kerf and 1000mm maximum width.

Cedarworks Timber Storage

Timber Storage

Rare native furnishing timbers are sawn and carefully stacked for air drying, a range of species in a range of sizes are allowed to dry slowly. Some of the stock in storage was sawn over twenty years ago, the shed holds stocks of premium quality, australian furniture timbers ready for use. We supply only the finest quality furnishing timbers available, from select flooring species to large Red cedar slabs.

Cedarworks machine Shop

Machine Shop

All timbers can be cut and machined to detail, orders are available pre-straightened and thicknessed via the best Italian wood making machinery. Any size order is available with delivery throughout Australia.

Custom Projects

Have a custom timber project you want made? We work on custom projects all the time.